Forced to choose between writing code or running security scans? With Flashpoint, identify vulnerabilities found in thousands of third-party libraries without having to scan.

Shift security left

CVE/NVD lacks coverage for Open Source Software, making automated vulnerability scanning less effective. Flashpoint enables developers to identify risk in the earlier stages of the SDLC, without having to scan.

Pinpoint risk at its source

Flashpoint intelligence is independently researched and standardized, making it more actionable. See which specific library versions and packages contain vulnerabilities, facilitating remediation.

Select the best code

Flashpoint’s detailed vulnerability intelligence assists in creating detailed SBOMs, while helping developers understand the risk that each library can introduce.

“VulnDB enables us to manage vulnerabilities with our current resources, so we can focus on our unique tasks and save time.”

-Detlef Köble, Product Security Manager, Dräger

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