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    Cyber Threat Intelligence
    From Origins to Operations: Understanding Black Basta Ransomware
    Since its emergence in 2022, Black Basta has targeted over 500 organizations worldwide, leveraging sophisticated ...
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    Cyber Threat Intelligence
    Evolving Tactics: How Russian APT Groups Are Shaping Cyber Threats in 2024
    A deep dive into Russian APTs, their targets, and their evolving TTPs, including malware used in spear-phishing ...
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    Shielding Financial Assets from Cyber Threats Through Fraud Intelligence
    In this blog, well explore the evolving financial threat landscape, the challenges organizations face, and how ...
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    Court documents
    COURT DOC: U.S. Charges Russian National with Developing and Operating LockBit Ransomware
    The U.S. Justice Department unsealed charges today against a Russian national for his alleged role as the ...
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    Cyber Threat Intelligence
    Webinar Recap: Data-Driven Insights to Navigate Today’s Security Challenges
    Check out our recap of our latest webinar featuring Ian Gray and Brian Martin, where they offer in-depth analysis ...
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    Court documents
    COURT DOC: Justice Department Charges Four Iranian Nationals for Multi-Year Cyber Campaign Targeting U.S. Companies
    An indictment was unsealed today in Manhattan federal court charging Iranian nationals Hossein Harooni (حسین ...
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    Court documents
    COURT DOC: Justice Department Seizes Four Web Domains Used to Create Over 40,000 Spoofed Websites and Store the Personal Information of More Than a Million Victims
    The Justice Department announced the seizure of four domains used by the administrators and customers of a domain ...
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    Automated Source Discovery: How Flashpoint AI Rapidly Scales the Intelligence Collection Process
    Automated Source Discovery (ASD) is more than just a tool; it’s an essential component of an innovative ...
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    Cyber Threat Intelligence
    Emerging Cyber Extortion Tactics and How to Fight Back
    Explore the evolving landscape of cyber extortion where ransomware merges with threats like data theft and ...
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    Cyber Threat Intelligence
    Amid Escalating Iran-Israel Conflict, Understanding the Hybrid Nature of Cyber Threats
    Exploring the dynamics of cyber warfare in the current Iran-Israel Conflict: Threat actors, motivations, ...
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    Cyber Threat Intelligence
    Navigating the Perils of Tax Fraud: A Guide to Protecting Your Data During Tax Season
    The complexity and sophistication of tax schemes have grown, making it crucial for organizations to arm ...
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    Advancing Threat Intelligence: Flashpoint’s Continuous AI Evolution
    How Flashpoint is leveraging Artificial Intelligence to transform threat data into actionable intelligence—and ...
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