Staff Augmentation

Provides onsite or virtual staff augmentation and provides a full-time dedicated Flashpoint intelligence analyst who will serve as an extension of your team.

Directed Actor Engagement

FPS is uniquely able to anonymously and securely engage with threat actors on a customer’s behalf. FPS is also equipped to coordinate a threat actor engagement to identify the possible source of the material or data, validate the information, purchase or otherwise obtain the specific data and arrange for any other communications with the actors.

Extortion Monitoring Services

Powered by Flashpoint’s extensive, signal-rich collections and alerting engine, Extortion Monitoring Service (EMS) delivers real-time automated alerts of identified leaked assets as a result of an extortion incident, providing teams the necessary insight into the extent of exposure and damage.

Reduce time needed to make decisions

A trusted partner to organizations, Flashpoint helps to decrease time to decision and provides an advantage in combating threats.

Address all critical risks

Ability to work with organizations of all sizes, from newly established security teams to fully integrated global intelligence teams and fusion centers. We can help you start, rebuild, or expand capabilities to achieve intelligence program optimization.

Respond quickly to evolving threats

Rapid response preparedness enables quick action for threat assessment and recovery, as well as supporting activities such as incidents or investigations.

Leverage industry-leading intelligence experts

A team of veteran intelligence professionals who partner with you to provide trusted intelligence and solutions that accelerate capability and efficiency.

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