Prevent ransomware

Flashpoint’s extensive coverage and exclusive access to online illicit communities enable regular monitoring of emerging ransomware campaigns, actors, and threats. Leveraging this intelligence to combat ransomware before it is deployed is key to maintaining business continuity and protecting your organization.

Proactively stop fraud

Flashpoint’s intelligence from online illicit communities frequently uncovers threat actors’ tactics, techniques, and procedures, in particular as it pertains to fraud. Utilizing these insights allows retailers to adjust their anti-fraud measures accordingly and address the threat of large-scale fraudulent purchases and potential for economic and reputational damages.

Enhance supply chain security

Through the expertise of Flashpoint analysts, retailers can identify and trace security vulnerabilities present in suppliers throughout the supply chain in order for those vulnerabilities to be addressed and mitigated.

Protect people, places, and assets

Our industry-leading experts have extensive experience in taking action against a range of physical security threats. Through our Managed Intelligence offering, as well as our Finished Intelligence, Flashpoint provides the critical resources, analysis, and insight in supporting an array of threats including, assessing executive exposure, event security, and threats to physical retail locations.

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