Stop insider threats

Flashpoint’s comprehensive access to online illicit communities provides visibility and quick detection of insider threats in the illicit forums and marketplaces where IP is bought and sold. Uncovering these potential threats in a timely manner allows teams to take action before the damage occurs.

Prevent ransomware

Flashpoint’s extensive coverage and exclusive access to online illicit communities enable regular monitoring of emerging ransomware campaigns, actors, and threats. Leveraging this intelligence to combat ransomware before it is deployed is key to maintaining business continuity and protecting your organization.

Mitigate exposure to incidents

Flashpoint’s extensive lingual, social, and cultural expertise, as well as comprehensive access to online illicit communities, helps organizations proactively identify and investigate breaches. Through this process, teams can detect and verify cyber indicators of compromise (IOCs) accurately and effectively, which helps to mitigate any additional exposure that may occur.

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