Matches conversations from illicit online communities with a client’s areas of concern, and automatically provides these matches directly to the user. Generated data exposure alerts are available in the Flashpoint Intelligence Platform, ensuring timely notifications that identify potential risks to the organization, as well as the ability to investigate further within the platform. Customers are able to update, improve, and alter their queries via the platform on an as-needed basis.


Provides customers tactical information derived from conversations from illicit online communities to users in their respective industries. Customers receive relevant information in addition to their intelligence requirements, providing further context and insight into threats affecting their industry. The searches are created, vetted, and refined by Flashpoint’s Tactical Threat Monitoring (TTM) team and consist of information in addition to the organization’s collections and key terms.

Data Exposure

Identifies customer and company data, source code, or vulnerable systems within open-source datasets and public-facing infrastructure in order to prevent actors from leveraging exposed data for illicit activity. Through the Flashpoint Alerting capability, users are able to construct targeted queries to ensure swift notification of leaked assets as it relates to their organization and intelligence requirements.

Mitigate risks through strategic and operational alerts

Vetted and assessed by Flashpoint intelligence analysts. Receive relevant and contextualized information in order to mitigate risks to your organization.

Gain direct access to conversation data

Pivot to the Flashpoint Intelligence Platform to further assess the alert details.

Utilize native language support to determine risk

Incorporates culture and communities, colloquialisms, vernacular, and slang, to identify, translate, and assess threats across the international landscape.

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