Intelligence Community solutions include:

  • Extensive data collections and technical intelligence
  • Real-time, geolocated social media data, and intuitive analytical functionality
  • Support from best-in-class intelligence experts

Key initiatives we support:

Terrorism intelligence

Access extensive social networks and illicit discussion channels to identify and monitor planning, recruitment tactics, and campaigns.

Near-peer nation-state research

Use open and closed sources to assess potential threats from nation-state adversaries

Geopolitical risk research

Get information from the ground via global regional data sources—including social networks and defense forums across the Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, to better understand geopolitical moves and motives.

Supply chain monitoring

Identify risks to supply chains with real-time updates about emerging and ongoing situations in locations worldwide. 

Mis & disinformation research

Investigate and monitor campaigns to mitigate their impact and keep governments and the public better informed.

Cyber network defense

Prevent breaches and protect your assets by gaining a holistic understanding of the tools, tactics, and procedures used to target your organization. Analyze malware and actionable indicators of compromise for network defense.

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“In order for National Security leaders to make data-driven decisions, they need timely data to inform and develop actionable insights, based on the unique needs of each operation. Flashpoint provides the most comprehensive OSINT solutions today to support the different needs of the National Security market globally.”


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