Organizations heavily relying on CVE/NVD are operating on roughly 66% visibility. Security teams need more comprehensive, detailed intelligence that can contextualize risk to their assets.

Identify and remediate vulnerabilities effectively

Remediate based on actual risk using Flashpoint’s comprehensive vulnerability database, which fully maps to CVE/NVD, while also providing actionable details on a significant amount of issues that CVE/NVD fails to report.

Develop a complete understanding of vulnerabilities

Get access to rich metadata, including exploit details, attack vectors, and solution information, if known. Cross-reference data with threat actor chatter in illicit online communities to further contextualize risk.

Act on insights from peers and industry experts

Collaborate with leading experts and receive support in FPCollab, an information-sharing group for Flashpoint analysts and customers. Become aware of exploits before the public source and take action in a more timely manner.

“We knew we had a gap, we were investing a lot of time. We wanted to devote our scarce resources in actually doing something instead of just rating CVSS scores for vulnerabilities.”

-Stéphane Grundschober
Vulnerability Manager at Swisscom

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