Targeted Ransomware and the Impacts on Incident Response


September 30th, 2020 | 10 AM BST



Ransomware demands have morphed, largely going from demands for relatively small money—a few hundred dollars to a few Bitcoin, for example—to exorbitant asks of companies facing unacceptable downtime, and operational interruptions that could lead to the loss of millions. Complicating matters further is the overbearing truth that traditional incident response has never been applicable to ransomware attacks; the dynamic is that much different. Flashpoint’s Kevin Tongs, EMEA Director of Customer Success, is well versed on ransomware and the impact it has and will discuss the following on this webinar:

  • How ransomware has evolved to infect and encrypt your backups rendering traditional IR useless
  • Why you need intelligence that can profile a threat actor who carried out the attack to determine if the threat is a true ransomware or an extortion situation
  • How incident response in the event of ransomware is a totally different animal from traditional IR, and why organizations should still adopt some facets of that approach
  • Why it is considered best practice to create a backup of the infected machines
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