Retail Security Unwrapped: Strategies to Prevent Retail Theft and Fraud this Holiday Season

As the holiday season ramps up, retailers face heightened challenges with increased customer transactions and changing workforce dynamics. In the hustle and bustle, security measures often fall through the cracks, leaving businesses vulnerable to theft and fraud.

Join Flashpoint Strategic Advisors Thomas Nance and Ryan Heger as they delve into practical strategies for strengthening your retail security posture. Gain insights into the upcoming retail theft and fraud trends for 2023-24 and discover functional tactics to secure brick-and-mortar and online locations during the holiday rush.

Specifically, we covered:

  • Key retail theft and fraud trends to monitor and prepare for this holiday season and beyond.
  • Actionable tips for enhancing security in brick-and-mortar retail locations amidst the holiday rush.
  • Actionable insights for aligning your cyber defense to safeguard against emerging threats, including card and return fraud.

Meet The Speakers
Thomas Nance
Senior Strategic Advisor, Flashpoint

Thomas Nance is a Senior Manager on Flashpoint’s Strategic Advisory team. Before becoming a Strategic Advisor, Thomas held multiple roles at Flashpoint, including Team Lead for the Intelligence Operations Team. Before joining Flashpoint, he spent seven years as an Operations Officer for the CIA, orchestrating clandestine operations abroad to gather intelligence for U.S. policymakers. Thomas’s diverse background also includes experience in sales and relationship management for an education technology startup and Goldman Sachs.

Ryan Heger
Strategic Advisor, Flashpoint

As a Strategic Advisor with Flashpoint, Ryan Heger brings over a decade of expertise in threat intelligence, with a background deeply rooted in safeguarding personnel overseas and protecting critical infrastructure domestically. His wealth of experience extends from a distinguished tenure in the U.S. government, specializing in threat intelligence. Prior to his role at Flashpoint, Ryan played a crucial part in overseeing security programs in Afghanistan at the Department of Defense.

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