How Gaps In CVE’s Vulnerability Data Are Increasing Your Risk Profile


October 13th, 2022 | 2:00 PM ET



Flashpoint recently hit a major milestone – VulnDB now includes over 300,000 vulnerabilities affecting well-known vendors, products and third party libraries. Many consider CVE/NVD to be the industry standard for vulnerability intelligence, however, CVE/NVD has tremendous gaps in coverage, as well as in its vulnerability metadata. The deltas in coverage, details, and timeliness cause organizations to waste resources and limit security teams to address only the symptoms and not the source of risk.

Join Brian Martin, Vulnerability Historian, and Curtis Kang, Vulnerability Reporter, in our upcoming webinar to learn how to better identify and triage vulnerabilities in your applications that you may not be aware of.

Meet The Speakers
Brian Martin
Vulnerability Historian, Flashpoint

Cutis Kang
Vulnerability Reporter, Flashpoint

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