Generative AI for OSINT: Next Level Techniques for ChatGPT and Beyond

Generative AI, when combined with human expertise and validation, serves as a potent tool to enhance OSINT investigations, providing support across all phases of the intelligence lifecycle. Generative AI technology is changing daily, along with the emergence of new techniques to maximize results. 

In our 2023 session, Matt showed us how to unlock thousands of ChatGPT capabilities for OSINT. In this session, he will cover new capabilities that weren’t previously possible.

In this session, we covered:

  • Pros and cons of generative AI for OSINT
  • How and why to use ChatGPT’s backend API
  • How generative AI supports every stage of the Intelligence Lifecycle

View the on-demand to learn how to make generative AI work harder for you, with tips and elevated prompts that tap into smarter, more refined results.

Meet The Speakers
Matt Edmondson
SANS Principal Instructor and Argelius Labs Founder

Matt is a principal SANS instructor with 21 years of federal law enforcement experience helping several Fortune 100 companies improve their security and awareness. His work has been featured in Wired and the Official Raspberry Pi Magazine.

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