From CVE to Exploit: How Vulnerability Intelligence can Lessen Your Exposure


September 24th, 2019



Thousands of new vulnerabilities are identified every year, but the vast majority are never weaponized. Since patching them all is neither feasible nor necessary in most cases, prioritization is essential. Security teams must pinpoint which vulnerabilities are likely to be weaponized and how, and which need to be patched and in what order. Vulnerability intelligence is integral to this challenging process, but its role is often overlooked or misunderstood.

During this webinar, Senior Analyst Cheng Lu covers:

  • The state of the current vulnerability landscape
  • How vulnerability intelligence can help predict CVE weaponization 
  • The role of vulnerability-related chatter among threat actors in deep & dark web (DDW) forums and other illicit online communities
  • The most popular exploits discussed and targeted by threat actors
  • An introduction to the Flashpoint CVE Dashboard with use cases based on Oracle WebLogic, Apache Struts, and other vulnerabilities
Meet The Speakers
Cheng Lu
Senior Analyst, Flashpoint

Cheng specializes in vulnerability research and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science and math from Towson University.

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