Product Update

Enhanced Data Exposure Alerting Capabilities

Scan your code, cloud, and internet infrastructure for exposed data, leaks, and threats. Build custom alerts to instantly know when sensitive info is at risk, stop attackers before they exploit it, and stay ahead of vulnerabilities.

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What’s new

We’re excited to announce the expansion of Data Exposure Alerting (DEA) capabilities, bringing you enhanced security for your cloud and internet infrastructure, and internal code repositories. 

Data Expsoure Alerting is specifically designed to identify and protect against potential threats by detecting customer and company data, source code, and vulnerable systems within open-source datasets and public-facing infrastructure. It enables you to create targeted queries and receive timely notifications of leaked assets, helping to prevent malicious actors from exploiting exposed data for illicit activities.

DEA consists of four distinct functionalities:

  1. Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring: Keep track of your S3 buckets and identify potential leaks of sensitive data caused by misconfiguration or compromised credentials. Stay ahead of the curve with instant email notifications whenever an at-risk bucket is detected.
  2. Internet Infrastructure Monitoring: Monitor your network for suspicious activity using Shodan. Stay ahead of threats and take proactive measures before they escalate by tracking changes and anomalies across your IP addresses or CIDR ranges.
  3. Code Repositories Monitoring: Scan Github, Gitlab, and Bitbucket for leaked credentials, vulnerable code, and other security risks. You design specific parameters for your scans that are related to CVEs, sensitive assets, or leaked credentials and receive an email alert whenever your queries match a repository entry, allowing for immediate action.
  4. Pastebin Takedowns: Remove malicious or unwanted pastes from, mitigating potential harm and protecting your reputation. Monitor the status of your takedown requests directly within the platform, ensuring swift and effective remediation.

Data Exposure Alerting is included in Flashpoint Cyber Threat Intelligence solution.

Why it matters

In today’s digital landscape, there are numerous data breaches and vulnerabilities that pose a threat. Exposed S3 buckets, leaks of malicious code, and compromised credentials can severely impact your business and infrastructure. DEA offers proactive monitoring and mitigation of these risks, ensuring the protection of your sensitive information and preserving your brand reputation.

With DEA, you’ll be able to:

  • Proactively identify and address data breaches, code leaks, and other vulnerabilities.
  • Minimize the potential for damage to your reputation and financial losses.
  • Gain comprehensive insights into your external and internal security status.
  • Automate security tasks and allocate your resources to strategic initiatives.

How it works

Getting started is easy. Configure your IPs, S3 buckets and code repository parameters. Then you’ll set up notifications to choose which alerts you want to receive and who should be notified via email. 

Cloud and Internet Infrastructure Monitoring

  • Enter your IP addresses and S3 buckets in ‘Configurations’. 
  • Set up email alerts in your ‘Notifications’ to be notified of any suspicious activity

Code repositories monitoring

  • Create custom queries to search for specific keywords or patterns across your code repositories (Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket) in your ‘Notifications’.
  • Receive email notifications when matches are found.

Pastebin Takedowns

  • Request takedowns of malicious or unwanted pastes directly from Universal Search.
  • Track the status of your takedown requests and verify when the content is removed.

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