OSINT for Enterprise Security

On-the-ground situations often begin with online chatter. As new social platforms emerge and fringe networks gain traction, it is increasingly challenging to sift through the volume of data being created. 

That’s where OSINT tools come in. Flashpoint gathers a wide breadth of data so you can search, filter, analyze, and understand what’s happening, in real-time.

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Accelerate speed to insight


Find key information quickly with advanced filters. With broad and diverse data coverage, you can ensure no post is overlooked.


Machine learning threat classifiers and custom alerts allow you to disqualify noise and understand what needs your attention.


Easily dive into social media spaces to gain context around any situation.

Discover risks in real-time with the Echosec Solution

Gain situational awareness with geo-located social media data from a wide range of unique data sources. Stay alert to emerging risks with image and keyword filters, and monitor violent incidents, weather events, and crisis situations associated with locations and topics of interest.

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