TechNet Europe 2023


October 3-4, 2023


London, UK

TechNet Europe, as per annual tradition, is an international event organised by AFCEA Europe, in cooperation with a local chapter, which takes place every autumn, in a European capital city. The conference and exhibition is regularly held under the patronage of the host country’s Minister of Defence. The goal of TechNet Europe is to bring together European and US professionals in order to discuss IT-related subjects of relevance to defence, intelligence, and security of the European geographical area. Also, the newest conceptual and policy information from NATO and the EU will be presented. Traditional topics include Cybersecurity, C4ISR, 5G, Cloud Technology, Data Analytics, Quantum Computing, Edge Computing, HPC, Zero Trust and many more.

Flashpoint’s Andrew Borene will speak on the panel discussion: There is more than the military capacity out there …implementing technology used in the private sector. Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023 at 11:10am – 12:00pm.

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