34th Annual SO/LIC Symposium


October 30-31, 2023


Washington, DC

Join us for the 34th Annual SO/LIC Symposium on October 30-31, 2023 at the JW Marriott Washington DC!

SOF remain a national advantage in this decisive decade, as they have been since their formation. But strategic competition is rapidly shifting the geopolitical, technological, economic, and environmental challenges facing SOF. Irregular warfare remains key to meeting these challenges, but a changing environment shifts the relative emphasis between IW missions. Today, SOF must lead the charge in rapidly scaling new capabilities relevant to strategic competition just as it quickly scaled CT/COIN capabilities to meet the needs of the Global War on Terror. The drive to find these new capabilities, take care of the force and families, and meet the challenges of new missions comes from the shared priorities at the core of every SOF formation: people, win, transform.  

Flashpoint will be in attendance!

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