Protecting Yourself in OSINT: 10 Crucial Tips for Secure Investigations


June 20, 2024

2:00 PM ET



In today’s increasingly complex and sophisticated threat landscape, OSINT investigators must exercise heightened security measures and vigilance to stay safe.

We have the privilege of hosting the team at Blackhorse Solutions, a Parsons company, who will guide us through 10 essential steps to safeguard against cyber threats and stay secure when conducting investigations.

We will cover: 

  • Methods to keep your personal information and online presence secure
  • Verifying your sources
  • Free resources to manage your footprint
  • Understanding what data are vulnerable
  • Stopping data leakage
  • Legal and ethical compliance

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Meet The Speakers
Stephen Sault
Blackhorse Solutions, A Parsons Company

Meet your Instructor, Stephen, a US Marine Corps veteran who served as an Asia-Pacific Cryptologic Linguist and studied Indonesian at the Defense Language Institute. Since June 2019, he has worked with BlackHorse Solutions, a Parsons company, as a Senior PAI/OSINT instructor and Tool Vendor Relations Manager. He has supported Special Operations for over seven years, including working with Special Operations Command Pacific and SOCNORTH. Stephen is passionate about the OSINT field, continuously seeking new methods and tools for information gathering. In his spare time, he participates in the Daily OSINT Challenge and the Search Party CTF to help find missing persons.

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