October 15-17, 2023


New Orleans, LA

Founded by Cynthia Hetherington of Hetherington Group in 2015, the OSMOSIS Institute’s mission is to educate and train cyber intelligence investigators, researchers, reporters, and analysts on OSINT and SOCMINT techniques and best practices. To that end, we seek to foster professional growth in our community. We strive to inform professionals on how to protect personal privacy data and abide by national and international laws and ethics standards.

To promote our mission, we host the annual OSMOSIScon—the Open Source Skills-building Conference. Now in its 9th year, OSMOSIScon brings hundreds of cyber intelligence analysts together to learn, share, and network. Sessions dive into all open source techniques and skills related to exposing fraud, identifying geolocations, and cracking impenetrable leads.

Flashpoint will be at booth #20, stop by and say hi!

Flashpoint’s Alanah Crocker will during the Bits & Bytes Speed Networking taking place Monday, October 16th 5:30-7:00pm. Don’t miss her discussion: The Importance of Creativity in OSINT.

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