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What is Ignite AI?

Available in Flashpoint Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI), Ignite AI enables analysts to transform their investigative questions into actionable intelligence-led answers. It simplifies the search process by providing answers to specific questions using multiple Flashpoint intelligence reports, as well as related sources for further investigation. With Ignite AI, users can easily understand intelligence and gather insights efficiently.

Simplify workflows

Spend more time analyzing data and assessing threats with instant responses and data from multiple sources.

Discover deeper insights

Conduct in-depth research on specific threats or incidents with less effort in a fraction of the time with Ignite AI.

Questions to actions

Transform your questions into actionable intelligence, so you quickly translate answers into informed decisions.

Access to Ingite AI is enabled upon completion of a no-cost order/subscription agreement, with access for up to a flexible time frame from activation. If your team would like to discuss these solutions further, Flashpoint will partner with you to understand your priorities and recommend an appropriate solution.

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