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Flashpoint helps security teams of all sizes achieve their mission daily, whether stopping cyber attacks, preventing fraud, or bolstering physical security.


Flashpoint provides organizations trial access to our Intelligence Platform. With this access, Flashpoint enables security team end-users to:

  • Monitor threat actors and track emerging threats daily
  • Prioritize IOCs and vulnerabilities
  • Participate in Flashpoint’s collaborative community

Please provide the contact information of the primary user, as well as the primary domain to be monitored. An additional user can be requested directly but is optional.

Trial members will get access to Flashpoint’s Intelligence Platform and VulnDB (from recently acquired Risk Based Security) to:

• View Flashpoint’s finished intelligence reports
• Access dashboards & analytics tailored to your intelligence needs
• Review Analyst Knowledge Pages (AKP) on curated topics by our experts
• Access Compromised Credentials Monitoring to get alerts on leaked or stolen credentials
• Monitor our industry-leading Ransomware dashboard for any compromised or breached vendors in your supply chain
• Engage with FPCollab, our collaborative online community, to learn from one another
• Detect issues using VulnDB’s database of 282,000+ vulnerabilities, including 91,000+ that NVD fails to report
• Get real-time alerts on new vulnerabilities affecting your environment – without the need for disruptive scanning
• Prioritize more efficiently by focusing on issues that are remotely exploitable, with both a public exploit and documented solution information

* Additional Flashpoint products and services are available for trial upon request

Access to Flashpoint Intelligence Platform is enabled immediately upon completion of a no-cost order/subscription agreement, with access for up to a flexible time frame from activation. If your team would like to discuss these solutions further, Flashpoint will partner with you to understand your priorities and recommend an appropriate solution.

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“Flashpoint has given us clear visibility into threat actor techniques, technology, and procedures that we have used to proactively put defenses in place for, and it allowed us to disrupt at least one attack campaign that impacted peer financial institutions and included monetary loss”