Telegram for Law Enforcement: An Introduction for Analysts and Investigators


November 17th, 2022 | 1:00 PM ET



Telegram is a popular chat service that presents some unique challenges for law enforcement. Given the company’s stance on user privacy, Telegram is non-responsive to law enforcement requests for information. Despite the fact that overt and explicit criminal activity is rampant across the platform. 

As a result, some law enforcement agencies assume there is little point in accessing and analyzing Telegram activity. But there are a few key investigative techniques that can help generate actionable intelligence from the platform.

During this educational session, Flashpoint’s experts will provide an overview of the chat service, examples of criminal activity happening inside the platform, and an overview of investigative techniques that you can start using to tackle criminal activity affecting your jurisdiction being facilitated in Telegram.

Meet The Speakers
Josh Watkins
Solutions Architect, Flashpoint

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